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What is Fatigue?

What is Fatigue?

Ever felt like you don't have any energy? Or you just feel weak and tired? You might be experiencing fatigue. Learn more about what fatigue is and the symptoms.

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What is fatigue?

Ever felt like you don’t have any energy? Or you just feel weak and tired? You might be experiencing fatigue. Learn more about what fatigue is and the symptoms.

A Lack of Energy

Fatigue is a lack of energy that can be physical. It can feel like constant tiredness or weakness and can affect anyone1a, 1b, 2a. However, it can have an impact on your quality of life.

It’s not just you!

Most people will probably have experienced fatigue at some point in their lives. In fact, every year, 1.5 million Australians visit their doctor about fatigue 2b

The Symptoms of Fatigue

The most apparent symptom of fatigue is feeling low on energy. However there are a vast range of other physical, and emotional symptoms that can be associated with fatigue. Some of the most common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, lack of motivation, muscle weakness, slowed reflexes/responses, irritability or poor concentration 1c, 1d, 3b

Am I suffering from fatigue?

Fatigue is more than just feeling tired or sleepy. If you are feeling exhausted and overtired even after a good night’s sleep, then you may be suffering from fatigue2e.
Use our handy fatigue symptom checker to discover whether you are experiencing the symptoms of fatigue1c, 1d, 3b:

Fatigue Symptom Checker 

Physical Symptoms Emotional Symptoms
Weakness Chronic Tiredness
Lack of Energy / Lethargy Exhaustion
Slow Reflexes / Impaired Coordination Lack of Motivation
Muscle Weakness Moodiness / Irritability
Sore or Aching Muscles Impaired Concentration / Memory
Headache / Dizziness Anxiety
Loss of Appetite Apathy
Blurred Vision  
Need for Extended Sleep  
Weight Loss  
Shortness of Breath  
Vomiting / Diarrhea   

What can I do about Fatigue?

Often fatigue has a gradual onset and people can often ignore the symptoms and delay seeking care. 

If fatigue is having a negative impact on your life, or you are experiencing prolonged fatigue or more serious symptoms, then consider talking to your doctor about it. They will be able to help you work out why you might be experiencing fatigue, and help you find relief. 

The first step in finding relief is finding out what might be causing fatigue.


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