Our research partners worldwide

We build strategic partnerships with leading universities, independent research institutions and world class experts globally. 

Our robust approach to research is an important pillar that supports our vision of elevating clinically researched natural healthcare products to their full potential.

Some of our partners for KeenMind® include:

The Central Drug Research Institute (CSIR-CDRI) of India has conducted extensive research on the quality control of KeenMind since 1960. Numerous completed clinical and scientific studies have led to a careful selection of plant material and a well-defined manufacturing process and a special patented extract of bacopa, used in KeenMind CDRI 08.

More recently, studies at The Centre for Human Psychopharmacology at Swinburne University in Australia have established that there is a strong cognitive enhancing effect of KeenMind in healthy individuals, where treatment significantly improves a range of learning, memory and attention measures.