We care how our products are sourced and made

Natural healthcare products can vary considerably depending on how they are produced. We believe there is a need for transparency around the quality, sourcing and processing of natural products, and have distilled this philosophy into our unique Source to Patient philosophy.

This Source to Patient philosophy means we care how our products are sourced and made, and is translated across our range. We adhere to tight controls throughout the entire manufacturing process to reduce variability and deliver premium natural healthcare products backed by clinical research.

At Flordis, we believe every step in the production of our products is important to delivering exceptional products that can be confidently recommended and used for better health outcomes.

Consistent raw materials 

Step 1. Plant selection and propagation 
Step 2. Cultivation 
Step 3. Harvesting, drying and processing 

Consistent extraction and manufacture of finished product 

Step 4. Extraction and manufacturing 
Step 5. Packaging, storage and transportation 

Research and clinical studies 

Step 6. Research and clinical studies on exact product