The Flordis Difference

Flordis offers exceptional products that are a result of our Source to Patient philosophy and have been clinically researched.

Quality & Consistency

In the Flordis range, consistency is achieved through the application of rigorous processes to control each stage including extraction and production. This carefully considered approach allows for batch-to-batch consistency and high quality products. This delivers the benefit that products are produced with the same properties year after year and batch after batch to ensure reliable results.

Clinical Research

We pride ourselves on only including products that have been clinically researched in our Flordis range. Clinical trials are performed on the exact Flordis products that patients will receive. This gives healthcare professionals and consumers the highest level of confidence about the effectiveness and safety of the products they use.


Flordis’ passion and dedication to delivering premium quality products are the result of years of research and understanding of patient needs. It is this expertise that empowers healthcare professionals and consumers to confidently select our products around the world.