The Flordis brand is dedicated to providing a distinctive clinically researched range of credible, natural healthcare products for the delivery of better health outcomes.

In the Flordis range, consistency is achieved through the application of rigorous processes to our high quality ingredients. This ensures all products are of pharmaceutical quality, safe and efficacious and backed by clinical credentials.

The Flordis brand is endorsed with the SFI mark, providing the confidence that through clinical trials and application of stringent processes we are changing the way people consider natural healthcare.

Flordis clinically researched products have a long history, often building on traditional use and having been developed with specific standardised extracts and clinical trials on the exact finished products. In 2000, Flordis was launched to make clinically researched natural healthcare products more accessible - many of which are already recommended and used by millions worldwide and available for as many as 40 years.

For over fifteen years, Flordis has been dedicated to offering a range of natural solutions backed by specific clinical evidence. Only products which pass Flordis’ stringent scientific and quality control criteria, qualify to enter the pipeline.